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Let Our Experts Save Your Wilmington Property

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

home after damage There is a myriad of concerns facing a homeowner when unexpected mold, water, storm, or fire damages occur.

Wilmington Residents know which Restoration Services to use in an Emergency

We set up shop here in Wilmington in 1990, intending to provide honest restoration services to the community during times of need. While the challenges facing homeowners and restorers have not changed, our approach to them is continually developing. We look to incorporate new technologies and techniques into our everyday services. Whether you are suffering from mold, fire, water, or storm-related property issues, SERVPRO of Wilmington is on-hand to prevent further losses.

Many challenges are facing a professional restorer in the aftermath of a property fire. Charred materials need removal, refinishing, or replacement. Equally, smoke residues can be widespread, leaving behind sooty, odorous deposits on walls and ceilings. However, one of the crucial parts of fire damage restoration in Wilmington is the assessment and repair of your heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) unit.

HVAC systems recycle air by pulling it from a supply area and distributing it through the rooms of your Wilmington home via return vents. Hot smoke can enter the supply side of your HVAC system, damaging the protective filter and spreading throughout the interior of your home. Failure to mitigate for a smokey HVAC system can result in soot deposits being redistributed into rooms after the cleaning procedure is complete. This is especially prevalent with odors that can often linger on long after fire damage has been removed. The culprit can often be an HVAC system that needed inspection at the time.

SERVPRO restoration services encompass HVAC inspection and light repairs. Where severe damage is noted, we can arrange for a third-party specialist to perform a unique restoration. When soots are caked onto the interior, we can use mechanical speed whipping equipment with negative air pressure machines to loosen and remove soots from interior vents. SERVPRO technicians can replace filters on the supply side of your HVAC and ventilation plates in each room to prevent future soot or smoke damages.

Furniture can be expensive to replace and increase the expense of your claim after water damage in your Wilmington home. However, getting the right restoration services can mitigate those losses. Fabrics in sofas, mattresses, armchairs, and carpets are all up to 50% weaker when wet, which can make cleaning a challenge. Equally, different materials respond differently to the introduction of cleaning agents or can suffer discoloration and watermarks if not attended to correctly.

Our team of highly trained technicians has training in multiple areas of furniture restoration. To mitigate losses, SERVPRO can block furniture propping it up above, standing water level while removal is carried out. We can also identify staining patterns or the potential for watermarking in your sofas. In these situations, drying furniture too quickly can often cause permanent harm.

Our restoration services are sensitive to furniture staining and can reduce the likelihood of permanent damage by cleaning while wet or controlling the drying procedure. Using plastic sheeting, we can form a protective barrier between fabrics to avoid dyes bleeding into one another. These barriers can be essential to reducing the risk of furniture dye staining carpets or walls. Once a SERVPRO is satisfied that the risk of further loss is under control, we can perform the tasks to thoroughly clean and dry the structure and contents.

Microbial life exists everywhere in a home environment. Comprising bacteria, fungi, and viruses, these microscopic organisms are rarely harmful to human health. However, when microbes settle and reproduce, they can form large colonies, produce unpleasant sights or smells, and make your home unhygienic. There is no comprehensive removal of mold, but we can remove mold damage from your Wilmington property using trained technicians, equipment, and cleaning agents.

Mold colonies generally appear as grey or green fluffs in corners, ceilings, and behind fittings. The appearance of these colonies can be a longstanding mold problem or appear in as little as 72 hours after a water spill or leak. Cleaning surface areas rarely treats the underlying problem. So it is not uncommon for Wilmington residents to notice mold returning every few days. This frustrating phenomenon is especially prevalent during the wetter times of year, where poor insulation is more exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Our restoration services are geared toward providing a quick, long-lasting solution to microbial growth issues in your Wilmington home. A thorough assessment of wall cavities as well as insulation may be necessary to ensure the root cause of your issue is removed. By removing the root causes of mold growth, we can be confident that it does not return after the restoration service is complete. As an extra precaution, our technicians can apply anti-microbial treatments to the affected area and items in close proximity to the mold issue.

As a resident of Wilmington, you should keep an eye on state weather alerts to ensure your preparations are kept up to date. Storm preparedness month featured several articles and advice columns on how to prepare your home and family for a violent weather event. In the aftermath of storm damage to your Wilmington home, it is vital to contact a professional restoration service immediately after contacting your insurer.

Houses contain valuable possessions and documents accumulated over a lifetime. Violent floods or heavy rainfall that enters the property can cause damage to these documents. SERVPRO restoration service that operates here in Wilmington can help to recover valuable documents and paperwork like wills, investment documentation, insurance papers, registration, and books.

Specialist restoration services are focused on preventing further losses. It is not possible to reverse existing damages but, with the right care, a SERVPRO document recovery technician can keep items in a usable state. We achieve this primarily by freezing documents as soon as possible. We can then take our time to decide on the best course of action on a document by document basis. Freeze drying and vacuum drying equipment can help return your precious documents to a usable state.

There is a myriad of concerns facing a homeowner when unexpected mold, water, storm, or fire damages occur. Our technical restoration team is here to help. Contact SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington at (302) 762-8080.


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