Photo Gallery

Storeroom with SERVPRO drying equipment and opened ceiling

Wilmington Ceiling Leak Drenches Floor in Back Storeroom

This photo shows the aftermath of a water damage cleanup in a Wilmington storeroom. The technicians have performed controlled demolition to remove the damaged portion of the ceiling cleanly. Drying equipment can be seen pointed at the ceiling area to force warm, dry air into the opened cavity.

SERVPRO drying equipment in commercial property

Wilmington Properties Benefit From Professional Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Equipment

When Wilmington properties need drying from commercial water damage, SERVPRO has an array of devices to get the job done. Air movers deliver a steady flow of warm dry air while the dehumidification equipment ports away the embedded moisture for faster drying.

Bloodstained fabric before and after biohazard cleaning

Blood Stains on Upholstery Require Biohazard-Level Cleaning

When biological fluids such as blood spatter stain upholstery, it needs professional biohazard cleaning. SERVPRO technicians have a vast array of antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning agents. Before cleaning, they test the fibers to determine the best cleaning method to eradicate the stain without harming the covering.

Nicotine on ceiling clean up

Nicotine Damaged Ceiling In Wilmington

A home in Wilmington was suffering from Nicotine damage on the ceiling. Our experts responded quickly and began the cleanup process. Our professionals were able to return this property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington has the equipment and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

round access hatch to the air duct covered in dust and dirt

HVAC Cleaning In Wilmington

We responded to a call about air duct cleaning for a property in Wilmington. This is what the round access hatch to the air duct looked like before cleaning. It shows what is typically found in most HVAC ducts. Our experts were able to clean the air duct thoroughly. SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington will make it “Like it never even happened.”


This is Aaron and Chris.  These fellows are bonded by SERVPRO friendship that extends outside the workplace. Both Aaron and Chris have been with SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington for over eight years combined!

Chair Cleaning After a Fire

Look at the amazing job this SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington technician did on this piece of upholstery.  This chair was in a home that caught fire and the chair shows the soot that was left behind on it. Such an astonishing result on this before and during photo.

SERVPRO Removing Cellulose Insulation

In this picture you can observe SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington properly removing cellulose insulation from a home.  You can see we use the right tools and dispose of it properly as well.  Removing this type of insulation is a tedious task.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Here is a before and after pic that shows the wonderful cleaning of a job well done by our warehouse crew.  They used our ultrasonic machine to properly clean these dishes after a fire damage.

Muddy Vents

This home sustained a water damage with mud. The water & mud came through part their vents in their home.  We were able to get the contaminants out properly for the homeowners. 

Pumping Out Water to Get into the Basement

Here you can see SERVPRO has to pump out water from the outside basement area first just to get into the area we need to address from the real water damaged area.  

Black Mold on a Wall

This picture shows a small area of a home where a corner was wet for a period of time.  The wet area was left unattended to and as a result this is how much mold grew.  We were able to clean this for them.


Sometimes all we see and buy is SERVPRO green.  Did you know the color of the green SERVPRO has is from the year of 1969 on the Porsche car? This color goes way back.

SERVPRO on the Go

Our SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington vans can be spotted everywhere on the roads.  We see our trucks, vans and cars everyday.  The level of awareness is so peaked we see them in other states too.


Here is a picture of the most protective guard dog you could ever come across. He still may be growing but boy is he mighty! He is a powerful and strong make dog.

Desiccant and Generator

Here is a desiccant and a generator working together in order to dry the property.  These are two pieces of our equipment that absolutely help aid in getting some homes done properly.


This is a SERVPRO thermometer that is looked at probably fifty times a day. We monitor not only the weather but the temperatures too.  We like the hot days better than the cold ones.

Textile Cleaning

SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington has a textile room that cleaning clothing and bedding for our customers. It is a favorite spot in the winter because it is quite hot in there.


SERVPRO fence piece hanging in showroom.  Just a fun little piece of art that shows our SERVPRO pride. This little fencing is showing only some of the vehicles we have at SERVPRO.

Ruff Day

Having a "ruff" day call SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington to help get you cleaned up. We can help you clean up from your pets. Whether it is an accident they had or just simply helping to get your carpets smelling good again.

Flooded Bathroom Freezes Over

This bathroom shows the severe aftermath of a pipe during a week of severe cold temperatures. After the pipe had burst and flooded this bathroom, the cold weather caused the bathroom floor to freeze over.

Winter Plumbing Problems

This is a burst pipe that created a lot of water damage to a person's home after water had froze inside the piping. During the winter season, most of our water damage jobs have this same source of damage.

Icy Day at SERVPRO

Here is the view from one of our sales cars on one wintery morning. After a rain and ice storm in early January, our entire staff was extremely cautious on the roads. Safety is the first priority here!

Bathroom Flooding

An upstairs bathroom flooded after a pipe froze and then later burst. The water flooded the bathroom and filled the walls surrounding the pipe. After damaging the bathroom, the water flowed into the hallway and down this stair case.

Circulating Hot Air

This is a large operation put together to circulate the air flow throughout an entire building. The tube that lays all the way down the hallway is blowing warm air into every room to ensure the structure dries evenly.

Bishop 5k Run

This year we sponsored the Bishop 5k race at Bellevue State Park. We handed out waters to all the runners and had a few runners from SERVPRO in the race as well! Go team SERVPRO!

Christmas Spirit!

We had plenty of cards and cookies in the office this season thanks to our loyal customers and local businesses. There was plenty of holiday spirit at SERVPRO this year! Happy Holidays!

Big Operation

We put our new desiccant to work as soon as possible after this major storm. We had our new desiccant, a generator, and a lot of fans. It turned out to be quite the operation!

Freezing Pipes

When water freezes inside a pipe, it causes the pipe to burst and often damage walls, ceilings, or flooring. This apartment building had a pipe burst due to the cold temperatures and you can see our SERVPRO fans drying out their front lobby.

Holiday Give Away

This year we did a holiday gift basket giveaway. We had a lot of fun creating a contest for our customers and friends to win. Just liking our Facebook page entered them to win our basket of goodies!

Kitchen Smoke Sets Off Sprinkler System

This photo shows the after math of a faulty sprinkler system. When the kitchen of this retirement home caused the sprinkler system to go off, the entire first floor was soaked. Luckily there was no fire to begin with, just a lot of water in the end.

Wet Floor Boards

These wooden floor boards have been holding mold growth after a water leak. The water has discolored the wood and moisture has been absorbed into the flooring. This can be avoided in wood flooring by starting the drying process in a timely fashion.

Damp Basement

Here is a photo of a large amount of mold growth in a basement. What has made this basement so vulnerable to mold growth is the dark damp environment. The ceiling and drywall has no light to dry out in which causes the opportunity for mold.

Oven Fire

The source of this house fire began with a very old oven that was left on. Our technicians were called in early the next morning once the fire had been put out and the soot damage needed to be taken care of.

Water on the Patio

Here is a photo of a retirement home that had a large flood in late September. The water damage was so extreme that it reached the patio off of the kitchen along with many other areas.

Drywall Damage

You can see in this photo there has been some major damage to the lower sections of the drywall. We have plenty of fans working to keep air flowing through the walls and the hallway to dry it out.

Ceiling Falls Down After Flooding

This photo was taken in one of the many hotel rooms that had major water damage after a water line broke. You can see on the beds and carpet, that the ceiling fell down after filling with water.

Mold behind Walls

There was mold growing behind the walls of this property.  It was not known to the homeowner until the ceiling came down and made a mess.  If you look at the baseboard areas you can see the deterioration.

Falling Ceiling

This picture shows a ceiling that fell down as a result of a water damage that occurred above.  The bathtub above accidentally overflowed and the water came down and made the ceiling collapse.

Tree on Home

During a summer windy storm a tree in the yard fell on a home.  The tree penetrated the roof and went into the bedroom. Luckily no one was in the bedroom during the night when the damage occurred.

Mold damage

This photo shows a water damage that sat in a vacant home for a period of time.  During the water damage removal process, while the floor was being removed an amount of mold was discovered that we remediated. The outcome was a success.

Soot Damage to Ceiling

Here in this picture you an see the aftermath of an air conditioner unit in a home.  The homeowners may have lost contents but everyone was okay.  There was a lot of smoke and soot through out the home.

Fallen Ceiling Tiles

In this picture you can see how ceiling tiles have fallen into the closet area.  This picture was taken at a commercial property where a water damage occurred and luckily no one was in the way. 

Cleaning Contents of Fire

A few of our technicians working hard to get contents cleaned and packed back up from a tragic house fire.  This is one of our cleaning bays where the contents come in dirty. They are inspected, taken out, cleaned and re-boxed.

National Coffee Day

Here is a photo of one of Wilmington's well known coffee shops and a great customer of ours. On National Coffee Day this year we gave them a great thanks for using us whenever they have a problem in one of their locations.

An Early Morning Call

Winter storms can cause serious problems for buildings. Here we have some of our generators on the scene while we conduct a water extraction in the early hours of the morning.

Construction and Mold

Here is a photo of a construction site that was preparing to renovate this portion of a large building. Unfortunately they ran in to mold before they could start and as you can see we removed the affected drywall so that the construction company could proceed.

School Water Damage in Wilmington

This is a stairway in a Wilmington elementary school that flooded after a major storm. Luckily SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington came in and was able to extract the water without closing any wings of the school.

Rainy Season at SERVPRO

This photo shows how rainy it has been in the Wilmington area. Normally with heavy rains comes a lot of work for us here at SERVPRO. We had an extreme number of floods to homes and commercial buildings over this week of bad weather.

Auditorium Water Damage

Here is an auditorium to a music studio and art school. You can see in the photo that all of our fans across the seating are faced upward towards the ceiling. This is to circulate the air throughout the whole room and make sure to dry out the ceiling which was where the water damage had begun.

Winter Storm

This property was harshly affected by an early winter storm. You can see in the photo, the water line was well above the ground across their back yard. The basement was the most affected area within the home due to the amount of flooding

Soot Contamination

Large fires can cause serious soot contamination which should be taken seriously. Avoid touching soot covered items after a fire and keep movement throughout the home to a minimum to prevent further damage.

Mold in the Workplace

Sometimes mold goes undetected in the work place. If your office is in a shaded, cool, or damp area, it is important to make sure the building manager is checking for mold. Water damage in an office raises the risk of mold growth as well

Sealing Your Plumbing

Pipes that run in and out of your home and through your walls should be sealed and caulked. When pipes are left open and unsealed, water can get into your drywall and cause mold growth.

Moldy Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a common place for the growth of mold and bacteria. You can see in this photo, there is no visible mold on the outside of the wallpaper. Over time bacteria builds up in between the wallpaper and the wall since there is no air circulation. You can see where the wallpaper has been pulled back that there is a large amount of mold growth.

Office Damage

This office fire was dowsed by an appropriately functioning sprinkler system installed throughout the building. Sprinkler systems have the potential to lower insurance rates by up to 15%. Make sure your building has an adequate system.

Commercial Water Damage

Water Damage in a commercial place can be challenging.  Our Project Manager on site  will effectively communicate and ensure consistent  communication.  This large job was a challenge yet successful. We were happy to have helped.

Bathroom Water Migration

In this picture you see an area of a stock room.  It may appear normal at a first glance.  This room was actually affected by a bathroom leak.  The clean water from the bathroom migrated into the stock room.  We were able to identify this issue and take care of it.

Toilet Overflow

SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere was called into for a small toilet overflow. This is what the crew walked into upon arrival. It can be a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!

Girls Overworked

Three ladies at SERVPRO are letting off some steam from a hard week!  SERVPRO gals work hard and need to play hard too.  You do not have to be crazy to work here we will train you.

Rainbow over SERVPRO

We have a beautiful rainbow over our shop! SERVPRO always thinks of ourselves as being the help at the end of the rainbow.  We love seeing the colors of the spectrum.

Golf Outings

A few of our girls had the chance to enjoy a beautiful day on the green at a Golf Outing for Habitat of Humanity. SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington had the great opportunity of sponsoring the snack cart that day!

Water Damage

SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington was honored to be a part in helping one of our Senior Living Communities this winter! This facility sustained a substantial size water damage but we were able to keep them open the whole time.

NADCA Certification

One of our very talented Project Managers here at SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington recently passed an extremely hard test and is now NADCA certified as an Air Systems Cleaning Specialist. Way to go Keith!

5k Run SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington Sponsored

SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington loved setting up and handing out beverages and some of our great giveaways to all the men and women running at the 5k run held at one of our local High Schools.

Tara, Linda & Sue

Having fun helping the community in need. SERVPRO loves to participate in community functions.  Helping the community shows that we too are part of the area and we want to help.

Generators in Motion

After a fire, SERVPRO kept the building alive with power to help mitigate the tragic loss. These are two portable generators and a desiccant dehumidifier to help get the building dry.


SERVPRO has state of the art equipment for our water damages! Our truck mount systems in our vehicles are strong and powerful.  We also have portable extractors as well that are powerful too.

Honor Award

Tara poses with Kat with her cherished trophy for hard work! These trophies are just a reminder of all the hard work, dedication and hours put in to help all those in need.

School Gym Floor

SERVPRO demonstrates an unique way of drying a gym floor at a local Youth Center.  The results were successful. SERVPRO uses an unconventional method to control the humidity levels in the vast area.

Newly wrapped Truck

SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington has a new truck wrap!  We add to our SERVPRO fleet as needed and we try to keep up vehicles up to date. We are proud to say we have a fleet of 28!


SERVPRO can help you or your business; big or small. This billboard sits high along the interstate.  It does not look big from this picture but it really is quite large.


SERVPRO helps school re-open. This school was in desperate need of help. The cold frigid weather froze a pipe and caused it to burst making a mess in the main hallways.